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■『Goth Saves Japan』

The Great East Japan Earthquake is an unprecedented tragedy the like of which none of us have ever experienced. In its wake, we must find that sacred spirit within ourselves, so we can come together to restore all that was lost and damaged. At Tokyo Dark Castle, we have launched “Goth Saves Japan,” our own disaster relief project. We may not be very large or wealthy, but from here on, we pledge to lend what power we do have towards aiding the efforts towards recovery.

“Goth Saves Japan” is a project to raise funds to support the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake. For this project, we are using “Goth,” a shortening of the original word “gothic,” to invite participation and contribution from fans of gothic and industrial in Japan and all over the world.

Practically speaking, we will be donating a portion of the proceeds from each Tokyo Dark Castle event to disaster relief, as well as organizing other long-term charity activities as we are able. We will be offering original charity goods for sale, and a CD by volunteer musicians from Tokyo Dark Castle may also be in the works. All proceeds from the sale of charity goods will be donated monthly to disaster relief efforts in hard-hit areas, via the Japan Red Cross. The amount of the donations and other details will be posted on the Tokyo Dark Castle home page, and by the Tokyo Dark Castle organizers and performers on their personal blogs.


The “Goth Saves Japan” logo mark was designed by Rituals designer Kenzo-A, and features an image of the “yatagarasu,” or three-legged raven, from Japanese mythology, a symbol of the sun. “Goth Saves Japan” is also looking for musicians to participate in the effort and add their names to the list of collaborators. In addition, we are looking for fashion brands, shops, and businesses to join us and offer their support. There may be a limit to what we underground artists can do, but nevertheless, fans of gothic and industrial the world over: we are asking for your help! We will stand tall and do what we can!

Tokyo Dark Castle organizer AUTO-MOD GENET